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The late John M. Olin, a prominent industrialist and philanthropist, was deeply concerned about his employees and employment relationships throughout his life. In recognition of Mr. Olin's lifelong commitment to positive employee relations, the Foundation which bears his name established in January 1995 the John M. Olin Institute for Employment Practice and Policy at George Mason University and The Locke Institute.

The primary mission of the Olin Institute is to enhance understanding of issues related to employment practices among policy makers, the public, practitioners and academicians. Among its activities in this regard, the Olin Institute publishes the Journal of Labor Research, sponsors research in a variety of relevant disciplines, and holds conferences, seminars, and symposia on a range of topics related to employer-employee relationships and their economic, political, and social consequences in both domestic and international settings.

In 1996, the Olin Institute expanded its research and information function by acquiring the book inventory and all rights thereto of the former Wharton Industrial Research Unit (now the Center for Human Resources), University of Pennsylvania. Included therein are the highly regarded Labor Relations and Public Policy Series books and monographs. The Olin Institute is undertaking a vigorous program of publications in the employee, labor relations, and human resource areas. Initially, updated supplements are being issued for key Wharton volumes; second, several Wharton books are being re-written and updated and will be issed as new editions; and third, totally new books will be published. The John M. Olin Foundation has kindly made a grant to assist this effort.

Since Dr. Herbert R. Northrup, now Professor Emeritus of Management, inaugurated and directed the publication program at Wharton until he retired. I have induced him to serve as editor and manager of the Olin Institute's book operations.

We look forward to serving you.
James T. Bennett, Director
The John M. Olin Institute
George Mason University and
The Locke Institute.