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Journal of Labor Research

Editor: James T. Bennett

Book Review Editor: John T. Delaney

Editorial Board: John T. Addison, Don Bellante, John Burton, Gary N. Chaison, James A. Craft, Thomas DiLorenzo, Peter Feuille, John A. Fossum, Charles R. Greer, Morley Gunderson, Barry T. Hirsch, James W. Kuhn, Donald L. Martin, Daniel J.B. Mitchell, William J. Moore, Herbert R. Northrup, James E. Pearce, John Raisian, Melvin W. Reder, Morgan O. Reynolds, Sharon P. Smith, Leo Troy, Finis Welch, Walter Williams.

The Journal of Labor Research is published quarterly by the Department of Economics of George Mason University and The Locke Institute. Subscriptions are on a calendar year basis and subscribers will receive all issues for the current year. Annual subscription rates are: individuals, $35.00, academic libraries, institutions, government agencies, and business firms, $110.00. Foreign subscribers add $10.00 to cover additional postage. All remittances should be payable to Journal of Labor Research, Department of Economics, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia 22030.

Editorial correspondence and manuscripts should be sent to James T. Bennett, Editor, Journal of Labor Research, Department of Economics, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030. Manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate with a 100 word abstract. A submission fee of $20.00 for non-subscribers must accompany all manuscripts. Papers accepted for publication must conform to JLR style requirements; style sheet available on request. Books for review should be sent to Prof. John T. Delaney, College of Business, S262 PBAB, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242.

The Journal of Labor Research is listed in Current Contents and Management Contents; it is indexed in the Journal of Economic Literature, Social Science Citation Index, Sage Human Resources Abstracts, Work Related Abstracts, Personnel Management Abstracts and in Public Affairs Information Service.