The Locke Institute was founded in 1989 as an independent, non-partisan educational and research organization...
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The purpose of these Journals is to enhance understanding of issues related to employment practices and labour, economics, political science, and law.
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Ground-breaking New monograph
Economic Contractions in the United States: A Failure of Government
Charles K. Rowley and Nathanael Smith
Publication Date: September 1 2009
Pages: 145
The Locke Institute in association with the Institute of Economic Affairs
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The Shaftesbury Papers are short monographs on classical liberal topics written from an inter-disciplinary perspective. The Blackstone Commentaries are a series of monographs that explore problems and opportunities in US law.
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The Locke Series promotes serious scholarship on classical liberal topics in the form of full-length books. The Churchill Series promotes full length books in the classical liberal tradition focused on important issues of current policy in the United States and elsewhere.
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Hundreds of students and private citizens from Northern Virginia have attended these events, which combine lectures with extensive discussion on issues central to the preservation of a free society.
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