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Bill Beach, Charles Rowley, and Gordon Tullock at a Locke Institute colloquim (1993).

Colloquy Series

Hundreds of students and private citizens from Northern Virginia have attended these events which combine lectures with extensive discussion on issues central to the preservation of a free society. All colloquies take place at the Conference Room, Institute for Humane Studies, 4084 University Drive, Fairfax, VA from 2pm - 5pm.


Charles Rowley: Public Choice Perspective of the Reagan and Thatcher Years (February)


Maxwell Stearns: The Modern Standing Doctrine: A Law and Economics Perspective (March)

Christopher Lingle: Singapore's Authoritarian Capitalism (April)

Charles Rowley: John Locke and Classical Liberal Political Economy (June)

Symposium led by Charles Rowley: Economics at George Mason University Featured Speakers: James M. Buchanan, Charles K Rowley, Karen I Vaughn and William A. Niskanen, Jr. (August)


Charles K. Rowley: Why Democracy Does Not Necessarily Produce Efficient Results (March)

Digby Anderson's The Loss of Virtue (March)

John Gray's What is Living and What is Dead in Classical Liberalism (April)

Charles K. Rowley: Public Choice Lessons for the Third World (April)

Charles K. Rowley: What is Living and What is Dead in Classical Liberalism (September)

Arieh Avishur: A Positive Theory of Privatization (October)

Mancur Olson: Notes for a Paper on Transactions Cost (November)

Rowley, Thorbecke & Wagner's Trade Protection in the United States (December)


Charles K. Rowley: Property Rights and the Limits of Democracy (February)

John Locke's Second Treatise of Government (1) (February)

John Locke's Second Treatise of Government (2) (March)

Fred Foldvary: Public Goods and Private Communities (March)

John Stuart Mill's On Liberty (March)

Gordon Tullock: Some Thoughts on Representative Government (August)

Charles K. Rowley: The Political Economy of the GATT (September)

Ludwig von Mises' Liberalism in the Classical Tradition (October)

Friedrich von Hayek's The Road to Serfdom (October)

Richard E. Wagner: Debt Repudiation as Constitutional Restoration (November)


Gordon Tullock: The Future of Inter-Disciplinary Studies in US Higher Education (August)

Charles K. Rowley: Trade Protection in a Public Choice Perspective (October)

Willem Thorbecke: Trade Protection in the US Congress (October)

Richard E. Wagner: Unilateral Free Trade (November)