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The Churchill Series

This series promotes full length books in the classical liberal tradition focused on important issues of current policy in the United States and elsewhere. The following books have been published or are in the process of being published:

  • Drafting a Constitution for a Nation or Republic Emerging into Freedom by Bernard H. Siegan (1992) The Locke Institute in co-operation with the Institute for Humane Studies
  • Unhealthy Charities: Hazardous to your Health and Wealth by James T. Bennett and Thomas J. Lorenzo (1994)
  • Singapore's Authoritarian Capitalism: Asian Values, Free Market Illusions, & Political Dependency by Christopher Lingle (1995)
  • CancerScam by James T. Bennett and Thomas J. Lorenzo (1997)
  • From Pathology to Politics: Public Health in America by James T. Bennett and Thomas J. DiLorenzo (2000)
  • The Crisis of the United States Common Law System edited by Amanda J. Owens (Spring 2002)

To purchase a copy of Singapore's Authoritarian Capitalism, please fill out our online form. For copies of other publications, contact us at the following address: The Locke Institute, 4084 University Drive, Suite 103, Fairfax, VA 22030-6812, USA. Tel: 1-703-934-6934. Fax: 1-703-352-9747